Black Lives Matter x Passport Polish

Your fight is my fight. As a Latina with Afro-Indigenous roots, raised in a predominately Black city, and an HBCU Grad..I’m sick of seeing my family and friends viewed as threats and not human beings. They don’t know how beautiful, talented, intelligent, ambitious, etc they even are. They’re immediately just seen as a threat and are constantly being killed at the hands of ignorant racists.  I feel it would be irresponsible on my part to not use the platform I have to speak out against the injustices going on. I say all that to again say YOUR fight will always be MY fight! ❤️

Read below to find out how you can help the #BLM movement and see how Passport Polish will be giving back!

For each dollar you spend, Passport Polish will match your purchase and donate that amount to BLM organizations.

For Example:

Your purchase $15 + Passport Polish matched funds $15= $30 to BLM organizations. Money will be split between over 70 organizations!




Thank you,

Mari Alejos-Puente

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