Welcome to Passport Polish! This New Orleans based & Latina owned business was born out of my love for travel and nail polish. Each polish is handmade and researched for a unique characteristic from the country it is named after. I faithfully do my own nails every Sunday and can never have enough colors. I have traveled to 13 countries & counting, much like my nail colors I can never travel too much. Travel has opened my eyes to many new cultures, cuisines, and experiences that I would not trade for anything. 

It has also sparked my "Yall at work? Can't Relate" posts on FB & IG, which gets a few laughs from my friends & family but that is a story for another day! 

I will be sharing my travel tips over on the blog. I frequently get asked questions on booking flights, arranging excursions, and much more so I am putting them all in one spot for you to see. I'll also be spotlighting different countries that are included in the polish collection.

Hopefully each of these posts will inspire you to grab your passport (& your polish) and hop on a flight! Look forward to sharing my experiences with each of you.

Red Beans & Ricely Yours,